Due to soil depletion and modern farming techniques, the food that we eat is generally lacking in the nutrients our bodies need to operate at optimum efficiency.

It is therefore necessary to choose our food very carefully, and wherever possible choose organically grown fruit and vegatables, and organically fed meats.

Even then, it is important that these foods are stored and then cooked correctly, and then consumed in the correct quantites and proportions to each other, depending upon our own body’s needs.

This sounds very complex, but like most things in life, once practised properly becomes a matter of routine.

But even if you are doing everything right, the chances are that you are still not getting enough of those vital nutrients into your diet. For many people they are way, way short, and this leads to illness and all kinds of complications.

That is why it is becoming increasingly important to take supplements, to top up those vital areas that our normal foods cannot provide.

This could be a B Complex supplement, Vitamin E, zinc or garlic – indeed it could be any number of things and quite probably a multiple of these and others.

Many people buy supplements from high street stores. The problem is that these cheap supplements and vitamins are usually supplied in quite weak dosage and even when taken as directed don’t even reach the minimum levels recommended by the government’s health agencies.

Although more expensive, good quality, natural supplements deliver vitamins and nutrients of much greater potency, which is much closer to where you need to be to enjoy good health and avoid the illnesses and problems associated with poor nutrition.

The Fitness Works has access to a whole range of supplements which aren’t available in the shops. The Synergy Worldwide and Nature’s Sunshine products that we stock are all natural products that are successfully used by millions of people, helping to achieve a level of nutrition that their bodies need in order to make up the shortfall in our daily diets.

What’s more, the actual activity of ‘dieting’ to lose weight is widely regarded as a waste of time by dietary and nutrition experts, because once any weight is lost and the programme is finished, the body returns to where it was before and sometimes weight is gained beyond where it was previously.

What is needed is a long-term lifestyle change. Only the acceptance that you need to change your eating regime will help you to lose weight, and that should also include taking appropriate supplements to help you to achieve your goals.

For more information on our range of supplements please speak to Angie and she will provide you with all the information that you need.